Just4keepers National ID Goalkeeper Camps

We our VAST amount of contacts, any goalkeepers who have talent we look to help them achieve their dreams. College coaches will be present at most events and goalkeepers that impress will get an invite to train for FREE at the Just4keepers national goalkeeper center in Florida, where again your goalkeeping talent will be showcased, not only across the USA, but internationally.

Just4keepers is proud to partner with Post to Post Scouting Identification Programs. Together this will create an Elite scouting- referral youth pipe-line to Collegiate & European professional clubs. This partnership will give talented players the best opportunity to pursue their dreams and expose players to a vast network of Collegiate, Professional and National team coaches.

Augusta, GA

June 23rd to 27th

5 Days Camp – $250

Augusta, GA

June 28th, 29th to 30th

3 Days Camp – $275

Jackson, NJ

July 6 -7

2 Days Camp – $249.99

San Diego, CA

July 21st, 22nd and 23rd

3 Day Camp – $325

Knoxville, TN

Jun 17 ’19

4 Days Camp

Knoxville, TN

Jun 21 ’19

5 Days Camp


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