kissimmee, GK VIP July 8 To 12

4 Day – 4 Night VIP GK Experience For 12 to 17 Year Olds

Location: Champions World
8660 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

July 8 to 12

4 Day – 4 Night J4K VIP GK Experience

Important – Please make sure you read FAQ when you register.

IMPORTANT: ONLY 8 Places Available

If you are a goalkeeper (or a parent of a goalkeeper) and you are looking for your child to become a professional goalkeeper or gain a college scholarship, the J4K VIP Experience is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

This Just4keepers VIP Residential camp is with a major unique difference, allowing families to take advantage of not only having their goalkeeping child attend our camp but to also take advantage of the amazing low-cost family vacation that we have negotiated for campers and their parents.

Making this the first very unique goalkeeper residential of its kind!

Your child will not only get 5 hours worth of professional goalkeeper training each day, but also within the price – goalkeeper gloves – a training kit – 50% discount off goalkeeper gloves for life – accommodation and breakfast, but a family of up to 4 can stay in the same room for one low superb price of just $899

The full training schedule will be sent once booked, but training commences at 7am in the morning and finishes at 12pm, allowing the goalkeepers to not only get out the hot florida sun in the afternoon, but also give them and their family time to vacate and enjoy the surrounding areas and theme parks.

Training is taken by ex-professional goalkeepers who have played and coached at the highest levels, including international, and even though training will be intense, it is done in a fun and friendly environment.

It is important to note, that this is not the normal run of the mill babysitting type goalkeeper camp you might be used to, so we urge only goalkeepers who are dedicated to goalkeeping and are willing to train hard (while having fun) to apply.

On top of this, we will be filming the training, and any goalkeeper that has talent, we will recommend to out national and international contacts. Over the years, we have goalkeepers who attended our camps and are now playing college or professional because of our contacts.

So you never know, you could be the next J4K success story.

Please Note: Keepers can only attend this event if accompanied by an adult.

GOALKEEPER NUMBERS: So this is truly a VIP GK Experience and J4K can assess you, develop you and look to potentially showcase you to our vast amount of national and or international contacts, numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED to a minimum of 4 keepers to a maximum of just 8.

TRAINING: The full training schedule will be sent once booked, but training commences at 7am in the morning and finishes at 12pm, allowing the goalkeepers to not only get out the hot florida sun in the afternoon but also give them and their family time to vacate and enjoy the surrounding areas and theme parks.

We will also be showcasing your goalkeeper talents to college coaches, but this will be discussed when you book on.

DEVELOPMENT: As well as putting you through your paces, we will guarantee by the time you have finished your VIP experience, you will leave a better goalkeeper.

MENTAL STRENGTH: J4k has helped thousands of keepers achieve their dreams, and without doubt a solid mind set beats ability hands down. It is all well and good developing to be a better goalkeeper, but can you perform when you are under pressure? This is sadly where 99% of keepers fail. They have the ability, but when the pressure is on, they just have not got the mental toughness to perform under pressure.


With the greatest respect to 95% of goalkeeper coaches, they might be able to make you a better keeper, but if they have not performed at the highest levels possible and gone through this mental stress and torture ‘personally themselves’, no matter what they tell you, they will not be able to pass on this VITAL success trait needed for you to make it to the top levels.

Obviously, there will always be goalkeeper coaches who have not had the personal experiences themselves playing under pressure, but still have exceptional talent to help their goalkeeper students succeed, but this will be in the minority.


RAY NEWLAND:  is the founder of Just4keepers and who has helped thousands of goalkeepers over the years achieve their dreams, whether getting to professional soccer clubs or gaining a college scholarship.

No other goalkeeper coach in history even comes close to the success that Ray has achieved for goalkeepers around the world and he is the only goalkeeper coach in history to take a goalkeeper coaching concept around the globe, with Just4keepers having a presence in 30 plus countries and 6 continents.

He has coached and played at the highest level, playing professionally in goal for over a decade for premiership clubs like Everton FC, and also coaching at International level.

There also could be guest coaches also at this VIP event, subject to availability who like Ray have played at the highest level.

Also, when you book on, whether you attend or not, as a thank you for trusting J4K, we will give you access to a website where you will get 50% off all your goalkeeper gloves FOR LIFE!!!.

So worth booking on just for this.

Schedule Subject to change: But in brief:

Day 1: Monday: Book into your room, goalkeeper registration and meet and greet 12pm. On Day 1, goalkeepers are training until 5pm.

Day 2: Tuesday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 3: Wednesday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 4: Thursday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 5: Friday: 7am at the field, training until 10am/ presentation. (Check out)

VERY IMPORTANT: even though the the training is in a very fun and friendly atmosphere, please remember the J4K VIP training is intense and most keepers would not have experienced this intensity, so only book on if you are prepared to come and put a 1000% effort into your training.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

If you have more questions before you book, please contact Just4keepers anytime.

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