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GK Mastermind Event

If you are a goalkeeper coach who coaches at your local soccer club but struggles to coach multiple goalkeepers, and or, are you are a goalkeeper coach who wants to start your own goalkeeper schools business, or expand your current one, THIS IS A MUST ATTEND EVENT!

This 4 day, 4 night event is a residential, and not only will you get taught the secrets from goalkeeper coaches and a goalkeeper company that has dominated the goalkeeping scene, globally since 1999, you also get to bring your family for no additional fee!

July 15th to 19th / 4 Day – 4 Night Event


Champions World Resort 8660 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Kissimmee, Florida 

ONLY 24 Places

Important – Please make sure you read FAQ when you register.

IMPORTANT: ONLY 24 Places Available

If you are a goalkeeper coach who wants to know how to successfully coach multiple goalkeepers, or you are a goalkeeper coach that wants to start your own goalkeeper coaching schools, or expand your current business, this is a must attend event.

We are the most successful goalkeeper schools globally over the past two decades, and at this mastermind event, we are going to be sharing all our secrets that has helped us dominate the goalkeeper coaching scene for the past two decades.

This event also has one major and unique difference, which is allowing families to stay at the facility for the price of the ticket of your goalkeeping event. So thus, giving your family a FREE holiday.

Making this the first very unique goalkeeper residential of its kind for goalkeeper coaches.

You will get emailed the full itinerary once you have book your place, but in brief it is 5 hours worth of professional goalkeeper training each day, which will consist of on the field and classroom education, but also within the price you will receive – goalkeeper gloves – a training kit – 50% discount off goalkeeper gloves for life – accommodation and breakfast, but a family of up to 4 can stay in the same room for one low superb price of just $899

BONUS: By attending this event, you will also get lifestume free access to the goalkeeper coach mastermind monthly membership group. Access will be sent once you have booked on. This will save you several thousands dollars over the years.

The full training schedule will be sent once booked, but training commences at 7am in the morning and finishes at 12pm, so we are not in the hot florida sun in the afternoon, plus gives you and your family the opportunity to visit the many attractions in the area.

Training is taken by ex-professional goalkeepers who have played and coached at the highest levels, including international, and even though training will be intense, it is done in a fun and friendly environment.

GOALKEEPER NUMBERSSo this is truly a VIP GK Experience and J4K can assess you, develop you, numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED to a minimum of 24 goalkeeper coaches

DEVELOPMENT: As well as putting you through your paces, we will guarantee by the time you have finished your VIP experience, you will leave a better understanding how to develop multiple goalkeepers in your classes.

MENTAL STRENGTH: J4k has helped thousands of keepers achieve their dreams, and without doubt a solid mind set beats ability hands down. It is all well and good developing goalkeepers to be a better goalkeeper, but you must also teach mental strength, this is something else we will cover in the course.


RAY NEWLAND:  is the founder of Just4keepers and who has helped thousands of goalkeeper coaches over the years achieve their dreams.

No other goalkeeper coach in history even comes close to the success that Ray has achieved for goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches around the world and he is the only goalkeeper coach in history to take a goalkeeper coaching concept around the globe, with Just4keepers having a presence in 30 plus countries and 6 continents.

He has coached and played at the highest level, playing professionally in goal for over a decade for premiership clubs like Everton FC, and also coaching at International level.

There also will be guest coaches also at this VIP event, subject to availability who like Ray have played and coached at the highest level.

Also, when you book on, we will give you access to a website where you will get 50% off all your goalkeeper gloves FOR LIFE!!!.

So worth booking on just for this.

Schedule Subject to change: But in brief:

Day 1: Monday: Book into your room, goalkeeper coach registration and meet and greet 12pm. On Day 1, training until 5pm… then meet and greet with families 7pm.

Day 2: Tuesday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 3: Wednesday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 4: Thursday: 7am at the field, training until 12pm

Day 5: Friday: 7am at the field, training until 10am/ presentation. (Check out)

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a goalkeeper coach with a big ego, not friendly and who thinks he/she knows best, and you are not willing to be part of the team at this event, please do not apply. We want this event to be in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and we have no time for coaches with big egos, and we will not hesitate to ask a coach to leave if their attitude is spoiling it for the group. So only book on, if you are teachable, have no ego and willing to be part of the team for the duration event.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

If you have more questions before you book, please contact Just4keepers anytime.

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