Do NOT Attend Baby Sitting Coaching

J4K has been running our goalkeeper camps and academy now since 1999 and we are very proud that we are not a baby sitting soccer service. These camps play their part and if your player who just want to get off the streets in the school holidays, well this type of coaching will suit you.

However if you want to develop as a player and goalkeeper, you need to go to a organisation that still has fun and coaches in a relaxed atmosphere BUT also develops you as a player or goalkeeper.

Sadly there are more baby sitting type camps that will NOT develop you or your child. So if you are serious about developing as a goalkeeper make sure you do your due dilligence on the coach andor organisation running the camps.

You can easily do this now thanks to google. So if you are looking to attend a camp do your research.

The biggest con is coaching stating they where a professional goalkeeper in their home country. But if this is what they state, do some checking and if you cannot find any proof they have played professional, simply stay away!

(I would say as many as 70% of coaches who state they played professional did not. What most did was maybe play for this professional club when they were a child… so this is not professional)

or you get coaches who state they are international goalkeeper coaches trying to give the impression they have coached at international level. Again be very careful because if you dig deep, what you will find is that they have only coached over seas normally as a volunteer for a childrens soccer club.

So they spin their words to make it look like they have coached at international level when in reality they have just coached children in another country. (So a telling a big white lie)

As we said above, if you just want to go somewhere because it is the school holidays, this is ok… but if your are more serious about your goalkeeping, please do your research on the organisation you plan to go with.

J4K not only help goalkeepers but we are very passionate about helping parents of goalkeepers and we HATE it when a parent or goalkeeper gets short changed, so we help and advise were we can

So we Hope this tip helps?